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Our Passion is to:

Provide our community with the necessities of life,
Serve our community with compassion,
Treat our clients with dignity,
Prevent homelessness, and
Encourage individual growth in our clients, volunteers and staff

Our Services

FeedingHawaiitogether.Org, is the largest distributor of free food on Oahu since 2003.

Our services are designed to meet the needs of Honolulu’s working poor as well as the elderly and disabled living on fixed incomes. These are our “clients.” We distribute millions of pounds of canned and perishable goods every year, serving thousands of needy families. We also distribute, free of charge, furniture, appliances and other donated household items.

Living below the poverty line, many of our clients are forced to make difficult choices between purchasing food and paying for rent, utilities or critical medications. We know we are, in fact, preventing homeless through our efforts. Weekly trips to our ‘grocery store’ styled food pantry provides each client with dignity and hope.


Our Situation

Feeding Hawaii Together ( FHT ), Hawaii’s leading food pantry and the largest food distributor for the Hawaii Foodbank, is done shopping for a new home. The nonprofit, which shut its doors in December 2016, recently completed the purchase of a new warehouse space in Kalihi. The funds for the purchase were secured through a Honolulu Community Development Block Grant.

“We’re incredibly grateful to receive this city grant which has allowed us to find a new home to help feed our struggling neighbors,” said Charlie Lorenz, executive director of Feeding Hawaii Together. “We were overwhelmed by the community’s support when we were forced to close our doors in 2016 and hope that they continue will join us to help FHT meet the need to serve the hungry.”

Thank you for believing in Feeding Hawaii Together.  Above is a picture of the warehouse about a few weeks ago finishing up with the required fire sprinkler system installation.  Our reopening is predicted to be in March 2020 or a date close to March.

Please visualize the palette shelves filled with food of all types and clients walking through to receive.

In Hawaii, it is estimated that 488,000 households are food insecure.  This means that the need to open Feeding Hawaii Together is critical.


Prior to closing, Feeding Hawaii Together spent 15 years serving individuals and households living close to the poverty line. In 2015 alone, it distributed more than 3.2 million pounds of food to meet the needs of 53,000 households, including 30,000 seniors and 12,000 children.  FHT has the desire to meet these same needs and more.


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